But don’t get me wrong. I haven’t always been so confident. Let me tell you about my journey. 

When I was 13, I struggled with extremely low self-esteem. You remember those years, right? We were all becoming teenagers, going through puberty, bodily changes, etc. For some, it’s an exciting time. However, it never felt that way to me. I was never happy with my looks and I never truly believed in myself.

My suffering continued throughout high school and college as the pressures of unrealistic perfection were displayed all throughout fashion magazines and online media stories.

I was terrified of not being pretty. Can you relate? I felt as if I would never be happy with who I was. I desperately wanted to be somebody else. Anybody else.

My work life suffered, my relationship suffered, my health suffered, and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

That’s when I decided to take a stand for my mental health.

I discovered the body positive community on Instagram and my self-esteem started to blossom. I never realized it could be so simple. All I had to believe was that I was WORTHY of self love. It was like a whole new world to me. You mean I didn’t have to hate myself? I could be happy with who I was and flaunt my uniqueness?

I finally realized that my flaws made me beautiful. I was valuable and deserving of self love. Over time, I developed the tools and mindset that it takes to continue being my best self.

I became so passionate about helping other women through their struggles with low self-esteem, that I decided to become a Life Coach(and it’s the best job ever)!

After receiving my certification in February of 2016, I started a coaching/body positive instagram to inspire women struggling with their confidence to find the same freedom that I did.

I soon realized that teaching self love and body acceptance wasn’t the only thing I was good at. I had a knack for helping other coaches SHARE THEIR STORY, CLEAR UP THEIR MESSAGING, AND MASTER THEIR ONLINE PRESENCE.

Women started coming to me to learn how to confidently attract an audience via Instagram, magnetize new clients, and level up their mindset when things got tough.

I’m SO excited to say that I’ve designed a program that focuses on helping ambitious women learn how to have the confidence it takes to love themselves, find their purpose, and create the life they know they deserve. I’m here to help you. Are you ready to start?

Rachel has been featured on, HuffPost, Teen Vogue, Self Magazine, Hello Giggles,, and Refinery 29