Instagram Intensive

I heard you’re struggling to gain visibility and up your engagement on Instagram. 

I get it. It’s tough.

You’ve already read all of the free blog posts, taken the quick e-courses, tried all the tools and apps that help you gain followers and likes galore.


But for some reason, all of those magical “strategies” haven’t resulted in clients or growth.

You’re stuck with less than 100 likes per post, zero clients, and robots commenting “cool profile!” on every picture.

You’re following all of the rules and doing what you’re told but you STILL aren’t reaching as many REAL people as you’d like.

You’re starting to lose confidence in what you have to offer and keep wondering what you’re doing wrong.


What if I told you that I know exactly what you’re lacking?

There’s something so many business owners and entrepreneurs are missing: a real connection with their ideal clients.

 In case you didn’t already know, people are buying into a relationship with YOU more than they are buying your product or service. There are THOUSANDS of small businesses on Instagram.

Why should people buy from YOU?

What sets you apart from everyone else in your field of work?

That’s where I come in.

In less than 1 year, I raised my follower count from 200 to 12k. 
In less than 3 months, I had 5 posts go viral and show up on the explore page. 
In May of 2017, one of my Instagram posts (you can see it there on the left) gained so much traction that I was featured in articles across Self Magazine, Teen Vogue,, Allure, Yahoo! Style, HuffPost, and more. 


And before you start making a million excuses about why that’s not possible for you, let me get real with you:
I don’t have a professional camera.
I’ve never paid for any photo shoots.
I’ve never used any robot marketing programs to gain fake followers. 
I’ve broken pretty much every “rule” that Instagram marketers tell you you NEED to be successful. 
And yet, I’ve gotten clients.
I’ve gotten featured in the press.
My following continues to grow completely organically.
I’ve built an actual COMMUNITY on my Instagram.
And now, I want to help you level up your profile so you can do the same.

In this 90 minute intensive, I’m going to show you exactly how I made a name for myself and my business on Instagram...and how you can do it too!

This isn’t a “one size fits all” intensive where I give you the same three tips I’ve given the person before you, or a course where only ⅓ of the strategies seem to apply to your business.

We’re going to sit down one on one, look at your instagram, and figure out a method that will work for YOU.

Here’s just some of the topics that we can cover during our time together:
-How to structure your bio so that people know who you are, what you do, what you provide, and why it’s important to them.
-How to lead with your message so that you attract the followers you want and keep the ones you have.
-Using IG stories to sell, connect with people on an emotional level, and attracting ideal clients.
-Caption tips to draw people in and entice them to engage with you.
-How to improve your photos so that people want to click on your profile to see more.
-How to get your posts on the explore page so that THOUSANDS of eyes can see you.
-How to increase the chances of your post going viral(even if you only have a few hundred followers) so you can potentially get noticed by larger, nationally recognized publications.
-How to rise to the top by being YOURSELF.
Bonus: 1 week of email/messenger support followed by a 15 minute call to discuss progress and work out any changes that need to be made going forward.
Price: $597 one time payment.

I came to Rachel with a lot of confusion towards how to gain more clients online. Through her personalized strategy, she helped me grow my social media platform by the THOUSANDS and engage and create relationships with my followers. Her coaching and general know-how helped me to tap into my niche and let it glow on Instagram. Her social media mentorship created my reality; I’m now swimming in clients and people who appreciate my online presence!
— Shawn Engel, life coach
I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel about how I can improve my Instagram presence. I had spent an absurd amount of money on an Instagram training from someone else several weeks ago, that took me a week to get through, and the 45 minutes Rachel spent with me, I got FAR more value from! The tips she shared were seriously awesome. But I mean she has gone viral quite a few times and has been featured all over! The best part is, she actually helps you see how you can do all this by not being a high budget perfectly staged photo page, but just by being you. I can’t wait to revamp the way I view my IG and put into action all her juicy tips!
— Diana Kraut, business coach

Q: Is this going to take a lot of time to implement?

A: The real question is: How much more time are you willing to wait to get clients, traction, and viral posts from Instagram?

In the beginning, I spent up to 3 hours on on Instagram a day while creating new ideas, engaging with my followers, and reaching out to other women in my field for guidance.

Now that I’ve implemented everything I’ve learned and made a name for myself, I spend less than an hour a day on Instagram. That’s it. That’s all it takes to keep a loyal audience, get clients, and do it without the scammy, fake strategies from so-called instagram “gurus” who have thousands and thousands of followers, but no real community and traction.

 Q: How many followers can I gain from just 90 minutes with you?

A: Simply put, the quicker you implement what you learn, the quicker you can grow. If you don’t spend any time on it while expecting people to just come to you, this isn’t the course for you. However, one of my former clients, Shawn, grew her following from 100 to 1,000 in less than a month and also gained a paying client. I grew my own at a consistent rate of 1k per month for an entire year. Both of our success was the result of hard work and persistent engagement. How badly do you want to improve?

Q: Followers are great, but will this make people want to buy my products?

A: Anyone can gain random or fake followers on Instagram. If you’ve read any of the “quick and magical strategies” online, you know the numbers aren’t hard to maintain. But the numbers don’t matter if you don’t have people actively liking, commenting, or sharing your posts. And that’s where most people struggle. In this intensive, not only will you learn how to actively engage with the audience you want, but you’ll learn how to attract the RIGHT one as well. The people who end up following you will have a need for the product or service that you provide. At that point, it’s up to YOU to build that relationship and keep the sales flowing in.

Q: What if I’ve never used Instagram before? Will this also give me instructions on how to post pictures, use my story, etc.?
A: If you’ve never used Instagram before, this course probably isn’t for you. It’s specifically designed for seasoned users who have been struggling to grow their following for quite some time. Please know how to use all of the basic features of Instagram before purchasing this course.

Q: Will I get a refund if I implement all of your knowledge and still don’t grow my following?
A: No, but you won’t have to worry about that. While results may vary, as long as you follow my advice, you’ll inevitably see a difference. If there are kinks to work out, we can discuss that in your 1 month follow up email.

What are you waiting for?! Sign up for your Instagram Intensive with me TODAY.