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What if you had all of the knowledge, tools, and strategies to completely sell out a program or course

and finally celebrate your first 5-figure or multiple 5-figure launch?
And what if you could do it within the next 6 weeks?

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with Launch Queens, you can.

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Let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • You’ve been wanting to launch a new program, course, or product for quite some time, but you feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

    What should my program be about? Where do I post? How do I announce it? What tools do I need? How do I convince people to join? The questions are never ending and it leaves you stuck in analysis paralysis for days, weeks, or months.

  • Or maybe you’ve already tried to do it a few times on your own and found yourself on a stressful rollercoaster of emotions, entirely burnt out, and completely confused as to why you continuously hear crickets every. single. time.

  • OR...maybe you’ve actually had some minor success with launching! You’ve signed a few clients into your programs...but you’re tired of it feeling difficult and want to finally reach those 5-figure months with EASE.

It doesn’t have to feel this way.

Whether you consider yourself a veteran or a newbie entrepreneur, an extremely successful and profitable launch IS possible for you. I promise. And it can happen sooner than you think.

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I’m a Business Coach and Strategist with an expertise in all things launching.
After designing a launch strategy that led to my first $10K, $20K, $30K, and $50K launches, I realized that these secrets NEEDED to be shared with the world.

Most recently, I celebrated a $72K Mastermind launch that sold out a month early, without a sales page, and without any hard promotion. That was the moment Launch Queens was born.

While others cheered “Wow, you’re so lucky!” I knew that luck had nothing to do with it. You see, you don’t scale a business to multiple 6-figures based on luck. But when you perfect your launch strategy and put expertly designed systems in place...it gets to be EASY. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it--step-by-step, piece by piece inside of my one of a kind program, Launch Queens.

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Launch Queens is a 6-week group experience
starting on July 22nd.

It’s specifically designed to help you: understand the science of launching, sell out your offers with ease, and learn how to do it in a way that feels aligned and purposeful.

You can have your first 5-figure or multiple 5-figure launch with Launch Queens, EVEN if:

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You have a small audience.
You don’t need a large quantity of people following you in order to have a large quantity of sales for your program or courses. You just need a system for creating and converting warm, quality leads. The strategies inside of Launch Queens will help you do just that.

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You struggle with selling.
This program will help you create high level sales content that your audience will literally drool over. You’ll also know what to post, when to post it, and how to use the right language to attract the right people for your specific offer.

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You don’t have a lot of time.
So, you’re a busy bee? I get it. That’s why you’ll create a launch plan within the first couple weeks that gives you plenty of prep time and ideas for batching content right away.
And ya know what’s even better? The purpose of successfully launching programs and courses is to create recurring cash revenue...therefore, taking some of the time, pressure, and energy off of you to have to find new leads every month. You’ll have so much MORE time!

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You don’t have a program or idea yet.
Even though you’ll receive a bonus training about “creating your next lucrative offer” as soon as you sign up, you still don’t have to be prepped and ready to launch before investing in this program. Although many of your peers may be ready to launch right away, that doesn’t mean you have to! You’ll get to keep all of the content and refer back to it for any launch you have...for life! And in the meantime, you’ll receive guidance from the Launch Queen herself with a community of other eager entrepreneurs at your fingertips.


...in other words, Launch Queens will rock your world whether you’re ready to launch immediately, or months from now!

  • In fact, the only reasons Launch Queens would NOT be for you is if:

  • you don’t have plans to launch any programs, courses, or products in the near future and want to stick with only 1:1 coaching.

  • you’re comfortable with your current income level and have no desire to scale to 5-figure/multiple 5-figure months.

  • you don’t want recurring revenue and prefer to seek out new leads each month.

  • ...but let’s be honest. We both know you would love to be able to send celebratory texts/messages that look like this:

Create a Lucrative, Drool-worthy Offer
You’ll instantly receive access to a 3-part training that will help you create your next offer and begin market research to validate your idea.

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Week 1:
Phases of the Launch Process + Setting Expectations
You’ll learn my 10-step launch process, start planning your income goals, and tackle what’s probably the most important part of launching: your own mindset. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this module.

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Week 2:
Launch Cycle + Creating your Aligned Launch Plan
If you think your launch starts the minute you announce your offer, think again. We’ll focus on how to begin warming up your audience NOW and creating a step-by-step launch plan that works for you.

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Week 3:
Strategic Content that Converts during each Phase of the Launch Cycle
This will help position yourself as the expert, start educating your audience on why they need your offer, and sell without being salesy.

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Week 4:
The Hype Philosophy
This phase of the launch process is what will have your audience tingling, drooling, and on their knees begging for your offer...before you even announce it.

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Week 5:
Sales Tactics and Strategy for each Platform
What types of things should you be posting each day? How can you stay relevant and visible? What are the best ways to sell via Facebook, Instagram, and Stories? I’ll be answering all of these questions and more. Get ready to go from Launch Queen to Sales Queen.

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Week 6:
Final Efforts
Is it possible to get last minute sales? Why yes, yes it is! This module will cover how to create last minute urgency and stay consistent. We’ll also be going over the biggest mistakes people make during their launch(so that there’s NO chance you make them during yours).

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1 time payment of $1297 usd

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3 biweekly payments of $499 usd


But wait a second!

“Rachel, what if I’m launching right now and want 1:1 support from you to help me implement during each step of this process?”

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Before working with Rachel, I wasn’t making any money from my business so I had NO idea that a 5-figure course launch was even possible for me. But within a few months, I’d celebrated both a $17K and $20K launch back to back.

The thought of launching used to be a stressful experience that drained me but Rachel taught me how to make my launches fun, easy and profitable. I learned that launching is only as stressful as I make it...and all I really needed was a solid plan/strategy. That’s why having a coach like Rachel who provides you with the exact step-by-step strategies you need to implement was a game changer!



Omg I just had a multiple 5-figure launch ($35K—my biggest launch ever) and I could NOT have done it without Rachel!! After dumping thousands into ads that flopped, Rachel helped me to reframe my mindset and get crystal clear on my messaging in order to turn it around completely. I thought my messaging was already clear to be honest, but Rachel is the messaging queen after all. Above all else, Rachel was beyond supportive and helped me to develop last minute strategies to react to where I was at during each phase of the launch. When I was panicked, she was calm. I only wish I started working with her sooner!



Rachel’s launch strategy helped me scale my business to my first $10k month, and with her teachings I have been able to consistently hit 5-figure months with ease! Thanks to her strategies and mindset focus, I was finally able to grow my business. I can’t thank her enough!



I cannot say enough good things about Rachel! I’ve known her for a few years now and worked with her in her signature group program, Online Empires. So when it came time to launch my self-study money course, she was the first person I turned to. Rachel has had more sold out, successful launches than I can count so her wealth of knowledge was BEYOND helpful when I was absolutely lost with where to start!


But there’s one last thing I want you to know:

There’s no prerequisite to having a successful launch exactly where you’re at in your business right now. Launching your way to 5-figures and beyond isn’t just available to the “best of the best.” YOU can gain every bit of knowledge, tools, and strategies to start having 5-figure and multiple 5-figure launches right NOW, no matter what level you’re at. And Launch Queens is your secret weapon.

You should also know that this will likely be the ONLY time you can join Launch Queens in 2019.

And the ONLY time it will be live, too.

So lets make your next launch the most profitable one yet. Better hurry, we start July 22nd.

When will you be launching this program again?
Most likely not until 2020. And when I do, it will be in a course format with no live support...and twice the price.

When does Launch Queens start?

The first live module will be on July 22nd and the program runs for 6-weeks. BUT you’ll start to receive pre-work and bonus material as soon as you enroll!

How do I know it will work for me?
The strategies inside of Launch Queens have not only been tested by Rachel. She’s taught them to dozens of clients along the way--many of them resulting in their first $10K, $17K, $21K, $35K launches(and more). The cool thing is, this program works for newbies and veterans all the same. So it doesn’t matter where you’re starting or how advanced you may be. If you want to grow your business and start having successful, 5-figure/multiple 5-figure launches, this program is for you.

What if I sell physical products instead of a course or program? Will this still work for me?
Yes! Even though you own a product based business, you’ll likely be releasing new designs or merchandise throughout the year. Launch Queens will help make sure your audience is prepped and ready to buy!

What if I don’t have a program idea yet? Will I still benefit?
YES. You’ll receive a bonus training about “creating your next lucrative offer” as soon as you sign up, but you still don’t have to be prepped and ready to launch before investing in this program. Although many of your peers may be ready to launch right away, that doesn’t mean you have to! Plus, this is likely the only time Launch Queens will be live and at this price, so if you want to learn everything there is to know about having a successful launch, this is for you! You’ll get to keep all of the content and refer back to it for any launch you have...for life.

How much access will I get to Rachel?
Each live module will be taught by Rachel herself. She’ll also be spending time inside of the private Facebook group answering your burning questions throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for deeper, 1:1 support during your launch, you can apply to upgrade with unlimited Voxer support and group coaching calls.

What’s the investment for the program?

The actual value of Launch Queens is over $8,500 usd. But you can invest now for only $1297 usd.

What’s your refund policy?
There are none. I’m here to push you to your next level and help you see what’s possible for you. If it gets uncomfortable, then it’s exactly what you need. And a refund gives you a way out of that transformation. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What if I have more questions?

You can reach out to Rachel at info@mylifecoachrachel.com

Please note that all payments are final and non-refundable and for clients choosing to pay on a payment plan, you are responsible for completing the terms of your payment plan even if you do not finish the program.

All modules and information inside of the Launch Queens program were strategically created and designed by Rachel Spencer. Anything copied or replicated for personal gain will be legally held responsible.