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Say hello to the #1 monthly membership for powerful business leaders on the rise.

If you’re here, that means you’ve started growing an empire and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

That means: getting seen as an authority in your niche, embodying your inner leader, becoming a better coach for your clients, and finally getting paid to do what you love.

And let’s face it: you’ve already downloaded all the freebies, joined all the group programs, learned all the strategies the “gurus” are teaching you, but you still find yourself stuck wondering what it’s going to take to finally move your business forward.

I know that can sometimes leave you feeling lost and alone.

You crave a deeper connection with other women who understand your journey and can validate your vision and ideas.
Because while your family and friends may support you, no one understands the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship more than a fellow girl boss.

Sure, there are free Facebook groups, but most of them have become so spammy that the connection between members is completely gone.

What you really need is a longer-term, consistent, no b.s., supportive, and strategic training space filled with other powerful Empresses who are growing their Empires.

That’s why I invite you to join us as a founding member of: The Empress Academy.

Rachel Spencer - Online Empires

Hi, my name is Rachel Spencer, and i’m your coach inside the empress academy

I’m here to guide you in becoming the strongest, most authoritative, money making version of yourself possible. When you embody an Empress, you show up bigger, better, more unique, and more powerful than ever. And that’s exactly what I’ll be helping you do on a consistent, monthly basis inside of this membership.

As a 6-figure Business Coach & Strategist, I know a thing or two about growing an online empire. But in the earlier years of my business, I was lacking 3 important things that would’ve helped to accelerate my overall growth and scale my business a LOT faster: Clarity, Accountability/Support, and Confidence. And I have a feeling, these are the things you desire as well.

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You have so many amazing ideas for your business. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here trying to change the world. But it’s one thing to have great ideas and another to be able to profit off of them. You’re afraid to get started creating that course or program because you don’t know if people will buy it and you’re afraid of failure. You need a clear roadmap in the right direction so that you stop wasting time and can start growing the business of your dreams.

Accountability & Support

It’s obvious that entrepreneurship can feel a bit lonely at times. You NEED a sisterhood that is here to support you, hold you accountable, help you implement and take action on everything you’ve already learned, and cut through all the B.S. “noise” in the industry that’s holding you back. But those who receive that high level support, must be willing to provide it as well. By joining this sisterhood, you’re being held to a standard of support and leadership that can’t be found anywhere else.


Whether you believe in yourself or not, entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Imposter syndrome--though completely normal--doesn’t have to control your life and business. When you become an Empress, you step into your power and finally see your worth. And that’s part of what me and your Empress sisters will help you do inside of The Empress Academy.

Here’s what you can expect when you walk through the Academy doors:

  • A full membership site filled with free access to all of my prior paid masterclasses and trainings ($500 value)

  • 1 new training uploaded per month--topics will range from mindset of a 6-figure entrepreneur, time management, clarity, confidence, strategy, writing content with authority, sales calls, etc.($500 value)

  • Guest speakers and coaches($1,000 value)

  • Access to me and other members in a private, members only FB group($1,000 value)

  • 1 business coaching Q&A in the FB group each month($500)

Total value= $3,500

Regular Investment= $75 per month

However, this is the first time The Empress Academy is being offered EVER.

Which is why the first 50 founding members can lock in their perpetuous spot for only $49 per month or $575 for the full year!*

*4-month minimum commitment is required with the choice to cancel after that time period is over. But trust me, you won’t ever want to leave! I require this because I fully believe that mind-blowing transformations take time. Are you ready?

You’re meant to change the world, Empress. And I’d love to help guide you.

At this price? What do you have to lose?!

I know what you’re thinking. Why such a low investment? Does that mean there won’t be a ton of value? Negative.

I’ve been dreaming of leading my own monthly membership community for years and wanted it to be accessible to every single founding member who wanted to join.

It’s completely doable for every single boss babe, which means if you want in, you’ll make it happen!


Join us before the price nearly doubles.

Babe, if you’ve made it this far, I assume you’re serious and excited about growing the online empire of your dreams. So, what’s left to hold you back?

This is the most affordable way to EVER work with me and the perfect stepping stone for getting to that next level you desire.

I can’t wait to watch you become the powerful, sovereign, dominating Business Leader you’ve always dreamed of.

“HECK YES, Rachel. Make me an Empress!”

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Please note: All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of this program, no refunds will be given.