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Instagram Stories Masterclass

The most basic Instagram stories training including: how to use each feature and some simple hacks! For more advanced training like how to sell/brand yourself on stories, see the "Advanced Instagram Stories Masterclass”

Advanced Instagram Stories Masterclass

The more advanced Instagram Stories Masterclass that includes: Creating interesting/branded content, upping your engagement, and selling out your offers via stories.

Instagram Engagement Workshop

How to get more engagement on Instagram!

My Favorite Editing Apps for Instagram Photos & Stories

The best/easiest editing apps for creating awesome Instagram photos and stories.


3 Unique Ways to Grow your Instagram in 2018
(without relying on the algorithm)
Presentation Slides

These slides were created as part of a paid masterclass I hosted back in 2018. I talk about 3 UNIQUE ways to grow your Instagram following and the steps for (potentially) going viral. Enjoy!

Download slides.